The Global Relief and Development Organization (GRDO) understands that food security and sustainable livelihoods are the backbones of stable and thriving communities. Therefore, GRDO dedicates a significant portion of its resources to programs that not only meet immediate food needs but also lay the groundwork for long-term self-sufficiency.


In response to crises resulting from natural disasters, conflicts, or economic challenges, our Emergency Food Assistance program springs into action. The objective is clear: provide immediate relief to those in urgent need. Through the distribution of food parcels, establishment of feeding centers, and provision of food vouchers or cash for food purchases, we ensure that vulnerable populations, particularly children, the elderly, and pregnant women, have access to the essential nutrition they require to survive and recover from the shocks they face.


Understanding the importance of agriculture in food security, GRDO’s Agricultural Development and Support program aims to increase agricultural productivity and promote sustainability. By providing seeds, tools, and training to farmers, advocating for sustainable farming practices, setting up irrigation systems, and supporting agroforestry initiatives, we strive to boost food production, encourage crop diversification, and foster climate change resilience.


Our attention to Livestock Management and Veterinary Services reflects the crucial role livestock plays in many communities’ livelihoods. GRDO offers veterinary services, livestock management training, and pasture development support, all aimed at improving the health and productivity of livestock, thus ensuring the continued availability of animal protein in local diets and enhancing the livelihoods of pastoral communities.

The Fisheries Development program is tailored to support coastal and inland fishing communities, with the dual goals of improving livelihoods and nutrition. By providing essential fishing gear, sustainable fishing training, and support for fish processing and marketing, we aim to increase the income of fishing communities and make fish more available as a nutritious food source.


Our Income Generation and Microfinance initiatives focus on promoting economic independence. Through microfinance opportunities, vocational training, and support for small business development, we empower individuals and communities to create and maintain their own income sources, which in turn reduces poverty and bolsters food security.


Lastly, GRDO’s efforts in Market Access and Value Chain Development are critical in connecting producers to markets. By establishing market linkages, providing market information, and supporting the development of value-added products, we work to increase producers’ incomes and ensure a more stable food supply.